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5 Rhythms Summertime Retreat with Alex Mackay
2018 July 14th/19th
La Luna nel Pozzo - Ostuni 

We love to go back in the summer to this beautiful centre for revival and opening to the magic of the dance and the sparkle on the sea.
We will dance in the mornings and evenings, under the sun or the moon, leaving hot lazy afternoons for rest and time on the beach.
A time for nourishment, feeding the soul and treating the body.
Following Gabrielle Roth's elegant maps making space for our true nature to shine .
A beautiful stone labyrinth is there on site for a prayerdance one day of the retreat.
Teaching in English with Italian translation.
Starting on July 14 at 6pm, ending on July the 19 at 3pm

Alex Mackay is a dancer and artist, who is known for light and depth in her teaching, using few well-chosen words, and opening a sense of wonder. She is embodied, energetic and creative, and loves to dance with the group. She lives in West Wales and teaches internationally. Gabrielle Roth called her Raven Sister. Alex met her at the age of 22 and following her indication started to teach very soon. She is entitled to teach Waves, Heartbeat and God Sex and the body level. 

​The venue, "La luna nel pozzo", Contrada Foragno, Ostuni - BR 
is a theatre center in the countryside based in a old beautiful rural house with a lot of wild land around.
The place is easy reachable by both the airport of Bari and Brindisi and for the Ostuni railways station, a shuttle service is available from both airports or the village.
The food is mostly vegetarian, but with some fish too, and very available to adjust in case of vegan food or ciliac or other request.

The rooms are multiple rooms.
Camping is also possible with private tent.
For a private accomodation or a single room you can book a BnB at walking distance joining the group during the all day and staying for one or both meals.

Early bird rate € 600 is available booking with € 100 deposit before May the 30th
(including tuition and accomodation )

Price for Camping is € 525 ( including breakfast and meals )
Price for staying outside is € 450 ( with one meal with the group),
€ 525 ( with both the meals with the group)

Bank details:
Unicredit - Branch: Roma Non Profit
Account holder: Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Spazio Interiore
Iban: IT63S0200803284000104905854

info and bookings
Jyoti de Gregorio +39 3401587793

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