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Rome 2/4 February 2018

I tell you this story to break your (he)art,
that it be broken open
and never close to the world again.

Mary Oliver

To be a true artist of living we must be daring enough to dance beyond borders, paint outside the lines, speak for the unspoken and love fiercely. In our hearts we know this to be our chosen path yet often we find ourselves dimming our own lights, hiding on the periphery or refusing to share our genius (the gifts we were born with). Shall we play and pray together for “Now is the time to know that all you do is sacred”.

In this workshop we will ground ourselves in the conscious movement practice of soul motion to explore the limitations, self imposed and otherwise, that fence in our lives and expand beyond the framework that hems in our creativity, our passions, our possibilities. We will move alone and together, be witnessed and held, through ritual and expressive art to cultivate the capacity to ride the currents of our lives across the thresholds that are always beckoning us onward.

Soul Motion is a conscious dance practice that supports students in an inquiry of dance as creative expression, and as a conversation of relationship to self, other, and reality. Soul Motion conscious dance practice values each participant for their unique and distinct voice in the body choir. All are needed. All are welcome. No experience necessary except for the one we get living a life with a desire to become awake to what it actually dancing.

Michael listens to prayers in the wind and hears music, looks into the window “pains” of the heart and feels rhythm, touches the world through movement and knows spirit. he invites you to collaborate as we co-create this journey together. michael reaches through dance rather than teaches to dance. he has been dancing since being pushed through the birth canal. after receiving a bachelor of fine arts degree from ucla he performed and choreographed in companies both nationally and internationally for 15 years. he met gabrielle roth early in 1994. later that year, at the request of gabrielle, he began teaching the 5rhythms. michael got his 5rhythms certification in 1998 and teacher certification in soul motion in 2001. he has been a 16 year student of continuum montage with susan harper and his teaching of the 5rhythms and soul motion has been greatly influenced by her mentoring. he is a certified esalen massage practitioner since 1995 and is passionate about the art of touch. He is in the Faculty member of Soul Motion .

Centro Sportivo Pio IX - Via di Santa Prisca 8

Friday Feb 2 8pm 10,30pm Open Class
Saturday Feb 3 11.00am 6pm / Monday Feb 4 11.00am 5.00pm

Full Workshop:
€ 190 full price
€ 170 early birds before december the 20th
€ 150 early birds before October the 30th.

Friday class only:
25 euro.
€ 10 membership card valid till 31/08/18

€ 50 deposit is needed to apply to the full workshop

IBAN: IT63S0200803284000104905854
Bank: Unicredit - Branch: Roma Non Profit
Account holder: Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Spazio Interiore
infos and applications
Jyoti +393401587793 - spaziointeriore@yahoo.it

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