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January 5/8 Cortona (Tuscany)
5Rhythms Winter Retreat with Alex Mackay
Chrysalis, 5Rhythms Winter Retreat with Alex Mackay in Tuscany 

3rd February Rome 
5Rhythms class with Silvija Tomcik 

March 10/12 Rome 
Portraits of prayers 
Soul Motion week end workshop with Michael Molin Skelton 

April 7/9 Rome
5Rhythms week end workshop with Alex Mackay

May 5th Rome
5Rhythms class with Silvija Tomcik

May 12/14 Rome
Living fully, loving deeply
week end workshop Azul con Amara Pagano
https://www.facebook.com/event s/440381892799161/

July 14/19 Ostuni
Soulshine Summer Retreat with Alex Mackay 

Winter Retreat , Tuscany, Italy
January 5-8, 2017

Dancing day after day in a beautiful place allows the whole system to unwind and  listen to the deep self.  We mix depth and creativity with good company and a warm welcome.  Maybe you can join us for one of these treats..

"Seeking my true nature,
I found myself in darkness, 
but as I turned to look around, 
coloured light appeared and left a trail following my movement. 
Delighted, I danced in that eternal moment, 
watching bright colours light up and fade, 
or turn into butterflies and take off.."

We all need a time to slow down and be nourished by some Stillness, 
feeling safe at a time of change and finding peace in the winter, 
our creative spirit born from that velvet darkness.
Each with our own gifts to discover and to value, 
we will open the maps of Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms and let our unique nature take flight through the movement and imagination.
Including the dances of gratitude, awakening and transformation

Terzo di Danciano is a charming 18th-century villa with a marvellous view overlooking a valley on the border between Umbria and Tuscany. The villa and the adjoining outbuilding, which was once a work area for processing silkworms have been converted into a multi-purpose facility. The dance hall is large and nice with a wooden floor.

​Starting on January 5th at 8pm with dinner 
Ending on January 8th with lunch
Teaching in English with Italian translation.
Info and booking: Jyoti de Gregorio
spaziointeriore@yahoo.it  +39 3401587793

SoulshinePuglia, Italy​14/19 July 2017

5 Rhythms summertime retreat in Puglia, Italy - we are returning for the 4th time to this beautiful centre for revival and opening to the magic of the dance and the sparkle on the sea.
We will dance in the mornings and evenings, leaving hot lazy afternoons for rest and time on the beach. A time for nourishment, feeding the soul and treating the body.
Following Gabrielle Roth's elegant maps making space for our true nature to shine . A beautiful stone labyrinth is there on site for a prayerdance one day of the retreat. Delicious food is included and prepared for us. 
Teaching in English with Italian translation.

​La luna nel Pozzo. Contrada Foragno, Ostuni near the Adriatic coast for more information, contact Jyoti de Gregorio
spaziointeriore@yahoo.it  +39 3401587793 

Maria Elena de Gregorio 

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